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Aloha Students,
We are eager to welcome you back to campus. Please provide the information below and we will begin making plans for your return. We will contact you with flight and on-campus housing information.

We understand that many of you are coming from different places with varying standards and precautions related to COVID 19. You are required to understand and agree to keep the laws and standards that are in place in Hawaii and on campus. This currently includes a 14-day quarantine. Any violation of this quarantine or other health and safety standards will result in sanctions, including possible permanent dismissal from the university.

Only students who have enrolled as full-time students in both the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 Semesters are eligible to live on campus.

All students returning to campus must show that they can financially sustain themselves when they arrive. This can be done either by being currently employed at BYU–Hawaii or providing satisfactory documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Students who are not currently employed can contact BYU–Hawaii Human Resources or view the  online job board.

Students who do not observe all university policies and state health directions will be subject to losing their on-campus housing and face possible permanent dismissal from the university.

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