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Medical Reduced Course Load Request Winter 2021

BYU–Hawaii requires all full-time students to maintain a minimum of 12.0 credit hours per semester in the fall and winter semesters and a minimum of 8.0 credit hours in the spring semester. A student who wishes to obtain an exception to this requirement based on a medical condition may request a medical reduced course load (MRCL) by submitting the form below.

An MRCL may be granted based on a student’s physical or mental health need, as supported by a letter from a medical professional or the University Disability Services, and approved by the Dean of Students.  Other needs may be evaluated by the Dean of Students.

During a student’s last semester, the academic advisor can approve a last semester reduced course load (LSRCL).  For an LSRCL, the student should speak with their academic advisor.

A student can view other enrollment options.

Please counsel with the offices listed below to understand the impact of an MRCL.  You are responsible for the information and impact of the MRCL that is discussed as well as those not currently anticipated.

To request an MRCL during a semester that is not your last, please submit the form below.  You will be contacted regarding the status of your request at your BYU–Hawaii email.

All winter 2021 MRCL requests must be submitted through this form by Friday, January 8. 

Reduced Course Load

Please choose any of the following, if applicable.


Academic Advising

International Student Services (ISS)

Financial Aid & Scholarship