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Leave of Absence Request Fall 2021

A leave of absence is available to students based on a medical or psychological need. If a student is not eligible for a leave of absence, there are additional options for a student who does not wish to attend as a full-time student. Please see the various registration options.

All Fall 2021 Semester leave of absence requests must be submitted through this form by Friday, September 3.

Please note additional deadlines are still applicable (e.g. registration, tuition, etc.)

Following is the criteria for a student to be considered for a leave of absence:

  1. Students who have completed at least one year of study at BYU–Hawaii may apply for a one-semester leave of absence if they can demonstrate that returning out of the normal sequence would not impact their regular progress toward graduation within the four-year limit.
  2. A leave of absence may be granted based on the student's physical or mental health need, as supported by a physician or licensed clinical counselor. The student can work with BYU–Hawaii Counseling & Disability Services or Health Services to obtain the necessary documentation.
  3. The student must be a current continuing student.
  4. The leave of absence cannot be taken during the student’s last semester in school.
  5. The student is encouraged to counsel with the offices listed below to understand the impact of their leave of absence. Students are responsible for the information and impact of the leave of absence that is discussed as well as those not currently anticipated.
  6. Once the student has discussed their leave of absence with the offices below, they are encouraged to make and submit a plan for the leave of absence.  The plan should include the reason for the request and should demonstrate how the student has planned to meet their financial needs, comply with visa requirements, and meet any other obligations that will affect the time on leave.  This statement will be carefully considered when evaluating the request for a semester leave of absence.
  7. The request will be reviewed by the dean of students and a determination made. The student will be contacted with the decision at the “BYU–Hawaii Email” they have provided on this form.
Leave Of Absence Request Form

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Academic Advising

International Student Services

Student Medical Benefit

Financial Aid & Scholarship